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Trailer Clearance
2016 EZ Loader Trailer For Sale 
1 = TEZB 28-30 8,500 Galvanized Boat Trailer (fits 28-30' boat) $7,800
1 = TAB 23-27 6,200 Aluminum Boat Trailer (fits 23-27' boat) $5,500 
Call for details 936-632-6673

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EZ Loader has been building boat trailers since 1953 and with 58 years of experience in the marine industry, EZ Loader
offers a diverse selection of boat trailers to satisfy your trailering needs. 
Whether you need adjustable, custom, aluminum, bunk, roller, painted, or galvanized trailers, EZ Loader has them all. 
We take pride in being the leader in trailer innovation and engineering. With many patents, awards and a commitment to excellence, EZ Loader
is the one company boat builders and boat owners alike choose time after time.   

                               NEW for 2014

Our custom EZ Loader boat trailers are famous for their superior design and engineering. Specially built for heavy-duty saltwater use, our trailers are aluminum, galvanized or painted and incorporate state-of-the-art equipment to deliver durability and long life.

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Found under some of the leading brands of boats known throughout the world, EZ Loader Custom Boat Trailers is an innovator in its field. In 1984, the EZ Loader management team saw a trend developing across the nation that combined the boat and motor with a fully welded and color coordinated trailer into a single selling strategy. This packaging strategy was the beginning of what is almost the “norm” for buying recreational boats today. That strategy along with the growing market of bass fishing and promotional tournaments throughout the south provided a need and desire to get into custom trailer manufacturing. Ti Trailers was a leader in the bass boat market at that time, and EZ Loader negotiated and purchased the assets of that business and began their pursuit to dominance. A few years later, they furthered their penetration into that growing market by acquiring Custom Frames of Tullahoma, Tennessee and have dominated that industry ever since.

Over the last two decades EZ Loader has worked in conjunction with leading boat manufacturers and B.A.S.S. to promote the custom bass boat market with innovations and quality standards that set them apart from their competitors. Throughout the last few Bass Master Classics, EZ Loader has maintained more share of professional fisherman utilizing their trailers than any other independent trailer manufacturer.

In 1995 EZ Loader Customs invented the Laser Cut Lighted steps for some specific boat customers and began the process of upgrading trailers as opposed to the norm of making it as cheap as possible. The old saying “It's just a trailer, what is your price?” had to end, and now into this new millennium, more than 60% of our trailers are upgraded and have either our patented lighted steps or some other form of OEM identification lighted areas or other innovations and custom design features.

Other innovations that were started with our EZ Loader Custom Divisions are our patented spring loaded and retractable winch stands, as well as Electro luminescent lights, and built in retractable tie downs as a standard feature. Add in the rear illumination lights, underwater launching lights that automatically turn on when the trailer is backed into the water and off when pulled back out, and you can see why EZ Loader is the innovator of recreational trailers.

Today, EZ Loader Custom and the EZ Loader Distributors nationwide, ship truckloads daily to dealers across the nation just before the boat arrives from the boat company.

EZ Loader Custom Trailers range from 12’ to 34’ in length and with carrying capacity of 600 pounds single axle trailers to 18,000 pound triple-axle trailers and are produced in 1800 different color combinations featuring DuPont Imron Paint Systems®. These trailers are featured with a 2 year limited warranty and are N.M.M.A. Certified

The Illusion Ski Boat Series is available with DuPont Imron 5000™ Custom Match Paint, Tuff Coat Finish, or Aluminum I-Beam.
The Illusion Ski Boat Series standard features are: 
Tube Construction, DuPont Imron 5000™ Custom Match Paint, Pin Stripes, UFP Swing Tongue (up to 5800lbs), Disc Brakes, Vault™ Hubs,
Torsion Axles, LED Lighting System, Detachable Coiled Cable/7 Way Plug Harness, Electro Luminescent Lights w/Chrome Bezels, Underwater Launching Light System, Retractable Tie Downs, Front and Rear Chrome Nerf Steps, 20" Aluminum Wheels, 20" Radial Tires, 11" Wide Stainless Steel Fenders, F2 Composite Heavy Duty Jack, F2 Winch, Carpeted Treated Lumber Bunks, Composite Fender Well Covers, Modular Wiring Harness, Non-Marking Bow Rollers, Safety Cables, Spare Carrier (Underslung or side mount depending on application), Prop Guard and Retractable Side Guides.


The M2 Series standard features are:
Tube Construction, DuPont Imron 5000™ Custom Match Paint, Pin Stripes, UFP Swing Tongue (up to 5800lbs),Vault™ Hubs,
Spring Suspension, LED Light Package, Front and Rear Steps, Chrome V5 Wheels, Radial Tires, Spare Carrier, XLT Covered Winch, Carpeted Treated Lumber Bunks, Keel Roller, Non-Marking Bow Rollers, Steel Fenders, Carpeted Fender Boards, Swing Down Jack, Safety Cables, Modular Harness, Aluminum Step Covers.

                                                                              Aluminum Illusion
                                              EZ Loader Custom Welded Aluminum Trailer featuring patented I-TUBE BEAM construction.
                             We have answered your need for an
aluminum trailer with a style upgrade to compliment your boat package.

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